Kingston Hospital pioneers new flu-testing method

Kingston Hospital is the first in the country to introduce a new test for flu for adult patients using a molecular analysing device.

Senior nurses were trained to use the molecular analyser to test patients for flu in the hospital’s emergency department and acute assessment unit.

The device has proven to be extremely useful in dealing with an increase in flu cases over  the Christmas period.

Director of Nursing and Quality at Kingston Hospital Sally Brittain said: ““The hospital has been extremely busy this winter and having the device has helped our ward staff, as we have been able to keep more bays open and utilise the number of beds we have.”

The Point of Care Testing (PCOT) device was utilised 87 times between December 21st-31st finding a third of these cases tested positive for flu.

Sally Brittan added: “We’re delighted to have Point of Care Testing for Flu at Kingston Hospital, and it couldn’t have been introduced at a better time.

“Having the POCT analysers in place over the Christmas period has meant we can diagnose and treat patients with flu in a timely manner.”

The new testing device gives a result in 20 minutes, allowing staff to diagnose adult patients with flu faster than ever before.



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