One down, 139 to go! Richmond’s Marathon Man completes first Race Across USA run

If you’ve just got back from your daily run feeling exhausted spare a thought for Richmond’s Rob Young, aka Marathon Man, who yesterday completed his first run… and has 3,008 more miles to go.

Rob’s prowess on the track will be revealed in all its glory during Race Across USA which will see him run an astonishing 140 marathons, spanning from Los Angeles to Virginia, in just four months.

This is the latest in a series of marathons dedicated to inspire young people and raise vital charity funds for Dreams Come True, NSPCC and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Explaining how he keeps running such epic distances, he said: “If you have got a good heart or a good mind, your body will follow you through.

“I have got a good mind and my mind tells me that I am doing something positive, therefore I don’t see running these distances as a major challenge.”

Once Rob’s completed his American runs he’ll fly back to the UK in time to run the London Marathon where he’s set to break the world record for the most marathons run in one year.

Charity donations can be made via

Featured image courtesy of Chris Winter, with thanks

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