Move over Action Man! Could a Ted Bundy toy be the perfect Christmas gift?

By Kyle Farrell
December 16 2019, 17.30

A company which creates action figures based on high-profile criminals – such as Jeffery Epstein and Ted Bundy – is expecting its line of toys to fly off the shelves this Christmas.

Straight To Hell ToyCo (STHTC) has a catalogue of hand painted dolls for those interested in ‘murderabilia’, with cult-leader Charles Manson and human rights violator Augusto Pinochet taking centre stage.

A STHTC creator, who did not want to be named, said: “A lot of people buy them for various reasons.

“Some folk like the irony while some like them because they want to display them with whatever historical artefact they have collected from a particular criminal.

“There’s a whole community of people like that.

“For me, it’s a nihilistic social commentary and a look into the dark side of humanity.”

MURDEROUS LAUGH: Handmade Pogo the Clown action figure

The three-man business designs all the dolls from scratch with each toy individually painted, moulded, and assembled in the basement of their house.

Each figurine, priced at around £30, comes packaged in specially designed boxes that explain the crimes behind each of the offenders alongside photographs of their wrongdoings.

STHTC says that these dolls do not ‘celebrate’ these individuals and the dolls act as ‘social commentary’ on how these individuals have made their way into pop culture.

CULT CLASSIC: Review of Charles Manson figurine on STHTC online shop

The head of the company revealed that the Pogo the Clown – an alter ego of American serial killer John Wayne Gacy – and the Charles Manson toys are the most popular. 

One reviewer commented: “Ordered this for a Christmas present for my boyfriend, who is mildly obsessed with Gacy and also collects different action figures. Perfect gift. Shipped fast and looks amazing.”

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