Croydon paedophile behind bars after sending indecent images to wrong address


John Baker sent images in the post rather than over the internet.

By Alex Finnis

A Croydon paedophile was caught by police after sending depraved images of children meant for a fellow pervert to the wrong address.

John Baker, 66, has been jailed for two years after pleading guilty to 12 counts of making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

He refused to send images over the internet because of the success of police in cracking down on online paedophilic activity, but slipped up when he mistakenly mailed a package containing the sick images and letters of his twisted fantasies to a neighbour.

Police later raided his Croydon home, finding hundreds of indecent images of children on computer hard drives and USB sticks.

Police admitted that Baker’s use of the postal system rather than the internet to share images had made him more difficult to catch.

Detective Sergeant Haley Stanesby said: “A dangerous sex offender has been identified and put behind bars and he will also be subject to all the constraints and checks upon his release under the sex offenders register.

“Baker was not known to us before this case was brought to light and did not use the internet to communicate or send and receive images, which can make it slightly harder to identify and detect what he was doing.”

A police investigation into Baker’s activity revealed that police in Hampshire had been notified of two other letters back in 2011, neither of which mentioned his name but did include his home telephone number.

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Picture courtesy of ray forster, with thanks

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