Official death toll from Grenfell Tower confirmed at 71

Police have confirmed the number of victims from the Grenfell Tower fire stands at 71, including stillborn baby Logan Gomes.

Following the blaze in June, more than 400 people were on the Met’s official missing persons list, although some were reported several times under different names or spellings.

the Met had a list of 400 missing people – some of whom were reported a number of times under different names or spellings, with one person in particular recorded 46 separate times.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said: “I have been clear from the start that a priority for us was recovering all those who died, and identifying and returning them to their families.

“Specialist teams working inside Grenfell Tower and the mortuary have pushed the boundaries of what was scientifically possible to identify people.

“After the fire was finally put out, I entered Grenfell Tower and was genuinely concerned that due to the intensity and duration of the fire, that we may not find, recover and then identify all those who died.

“I know that each and every member of the team has done absolutely all they can to make this possible.”

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