Kitten dumped on busy road saved by public appeal

A tiny black kitten abandoned on a major road has made a miraculous recovery thanks to the help of a public appeal to cat lovers from across the UK. 

The kitten was saved from the busy A22 by members of Cats Protection Sutton, Kingston and District Branch. 

Emba, as her rescuers named her, had suffered trauma to her face and hind leg. 

To have a chance at life this little cat needed major surgery including the amputation of her leg and extensive dental work. 

Her rescuers could not afford the veterinary fees and so launched a public appeal to try to save her. 

The response was overwhelming. 

Animal lovers from across the UK donated £3,250 in a matter of weeks, allowing Emba to receive life-saving surgery. 

Stella Fenwick, Co-ordiantor at Cats Protection’s Sutton, Kingston and District Branch said: “Our supporters always come to our aid but their response has been quite amazing.

“Emba’s vet bill exceeded original expectations so the money nearly covers our costs. 

“We are grateful to everyone who donated sums large and small. Thanks to them, Emba can have a happy life.”

Emba is now six months old and has made a remarkable recovery.

Her branch fosterer is helping her to improve her mobility as an amputee and to cope with the trauma of her accident and abandonment. 

Emba’s fosterer Elaine said: “The noise from cars scares her still, which is quite understandable.

“But she is growing in confidence and has learned to jump up on furniture and lean against walls for extra support as she runs around on three legs.”  

Jessica Watkins, Cats Protection’s Regional Fundraising Manager, added: “This level of care puts a great drain on branch funds. We haven’t been able to fundraise as normal, so we are grateful for our loyal supporters who have come through for Emba.

“They’ve made a real difference for this poor little mite and enabled the branch to continue caring for cats in Surrey.”

You can donate to the group here.

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