bulldog pixie sat in a van

Builder devastated as dog vanishes from outside his house in Croydon

A builder from Croydon is desperately searching for his French Bulldog who has been missing since September.

Three-year-old Pixie disappeared on September 4 from near Mitcham Road, Croydon. 

Owner Uzair Khan, 31, who has had Pixie since she was a puppy, launched a social media appeal for information related to Pixie’s disappearance, partnering with the UK’s largest rescue community, Dog Lost.

Khan was gardening when Pixie disappeared from his front porch in broad daylight and believes she must have been stolen. 

Pixie has been missing since September and has one blue eye
LOOK OUT: Pixie’s most distinctive marking is her one blue eye

He said: “The way she just vanished into thin air is mind-boggling. I’m heart-broken and I miss her so much.” 

“I know her – she loved being at home. She was so spoilt – she got everything she wanted.

“It’s been so challenging – I can’t even look at my phone anymore because I’m so desperate to hear that someone has found her.

“I just want her to be safe.” 

Pixie is microchipped, but Khan is concerned that won’t be enough to locate her due to fears surrounding more experienced dog thieves.

He commented: “I’ve read the stories about people removing microchips.

“I just hope she hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands.”

Khan lives alone with with Pixie’s puppy, Butch, and two Alaskan Malamutes Miya and Bear and he is desperate for their companion to be returned to them. 

Pixie is white with brown patches and has one blue eye. 

Contact Uzair on 07391662570 with any information. 

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