Green campaigner returns to UK after world trip


Andy Pag travelled around the world in a van powered by vegetable waste.


By Madeleine Morgan

A green campaigner who travelled around the world in a van powered by vegetable waste is home, but not for long.

Andy Pag, 36, set off from Wimbledon in September 2009 with only one mission – to get around the world using only recycled waste.

He converted a school bus that he salvaged from a scrap yard, to run on other peoples waste and took off on a trip that would cover 30,000km and 25 countries.

During the journey Andy met and fell in love with an American journalist Christina Ammon who wanted to join him and write about his travels.

Having arrived back on British turf on Friday 9th September the pair are already planning their next trip on the bus.

Andy said: “It’s been great to get back to catch up with friends and family but we’re only in the UK for 10 days and then we’re heading back to Europe to a paragliding festival and then onto Morocco and Africa with the truck.

“We want to get to Mali in Africa with the truck but we’re going to see how far we get. We never really had a plan when we were going around the world.”


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