Wimbledon Co-op to restore historical mosaic sign

Co-op has confirmed a mosaic sign uncovered by workmen at the Wimbledon Chase branch will be restored after a councillor’s petition received 560 signatures.

Lib Dem councillor for Merton’s Dundonald ward, Anthony Fairclough, set up a petition to get the signage restored and subsequently wrote a letter to the Co-op to ask if the company would satisfy this.

The sign on the building was a part of the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society which was founded in 1868 by William Rose. By 1889 RAC’s was the largest co-operative in London and its motto was “Each for All and All for Each.”

Co-op replied on the 8 June confirming that it will commit to restoration.

Fairclough said: “I am really grateful to the Co-op for agreeing to restore the old mosaic sign that was uncovered as they started a re-fit.

“Thank you also to the 560 people who signed our petition in just over a week! Together we’ve helped saved a piece of local heritage and created an opportunity to enhance a local shopping parade. It looks great.”

In a letter Stephen Lamb, Co-op head of construction, said: “I am very pleased to confirm that it is our intention to have the sign restored to its former glory.

“We intend to carry the works out as soon as possible and will update you with a completion date, once confirmed.”

CONFIRMED: The letter confirmed to Councillor Fairclough that the sign will be restored

Some of the other RACS sites have survived and are protected as cultural heritage sites. Woodlands Farm Trust in Shooters hill is one such site and is run by a community trust.

Featured Image Credit: Anthony Fairclough

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