Heart of Hackbridge renovation project ‘putting residents lives in danger’


Zebra crossing have been removed on the three-road junction.

By Drew Nicol

A “nightmare” junction in Hackbridge is too dangerous to cross after Sutton council removed vital zebra-crossings during a renovation project, say residents.

The Heart of Hackbridge Project, centered on the roundabout at Hackbridge and London Road, will replace zebra-crossings with raised crossing points for pedestrians, who are expected to make eye contact with motorists in order to cross.

However, residents claim removing zebra-crossings, which require traffic to stop, on roads regularly used by lorries and buses, is making crossing the three-road junction too dangerous.

Jennifer Drayton, of Longfield Avenue, said: “You take your life in your hands every time, even if you have a baby.

“How are you going to make eye contact with someone in a great big lorry. It is an accident waiting to happen.

“But some of the workmen have been a real help, helping people across the roads.”

Larry Theodorou, owner of Larry’s Barbers, which overlooks the roundabout, blames the project for a loss of custom.

He claims that bad planning, by digging in several parking places at once, and over-running work, originally meant to finish in April, has put off potential customers.

“It has been a nightmare for traders, as soon as they started there was no parking,” he said.

“I drive from Cheam everyday and now I have to drive away up the road to find a spot because of you park here I am taking a bay away from a customer.”

Tasha Mcvey, of Hackbridge, also expresed to express her frustration.

She said: “Cars don’t stop and the crossings are not visible anymore either, which makes it very difficult to cross, especially when I am with my young baby.

“I find myself waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes, hoping that a nice enough driver will stop to let myself and others cross the road.”

Ms Mcvey said she believed tax payer’s money spent on the renovation should have instead been used to tackle issues such as the lack of affordable housing or helping single parents.

She said: “I feel the borough need to rethink their priorities first rather than trying to make things look pretty.”

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