Wandsworth singer gives gift of music to elderly community in coronavirus lockdown

By Aman Pathiara
April 16 2020, 10.25

A singer in south London is raising community spirits during lockdown by performing live for elderly residents outside their homes.

Soul singer Georgie Temple, 26, from Wandsworth, has been taking requests over WhatsApp from residents in Tooting and Earlsfield, providing some well-needed cheer to those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Initially offering help to the community, Ms Temple has been able to do what she loves and perform classic songs such as Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World, Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is, Cracklin’ Rosie by Neil Diamond, and Elton John’s Bennie and the Jets.

Ms Temple said: “In this time of crisis, it really does seem every community is coming together to offer help to one another and to share the load.

“I decided to be brave and just post a message explaining that I was a singer, asking if anyone would like a song sang outside their doors – and people did!

“People want a little musical relief in their lives at this very weird time, and I have found that singing someone’s favourite song can generate real joy within them, so I hope to just spark that in anyone who asks.”

Ms Temple also said that she was thrilled to see many acts of kindness during the current lockdown, including charity work, voluntary litter picking, and the active spreading of good news during an uncertain time for the world.

Ms Temple originally began her performances before the government placed the country into lockdown, so her shows were initially circulating around social media – helping promote her recently-released debut single, Ego.

Chief among her online promoters is Geoff Simmons, 57, a local tour guide covering the Garratt Lane area in Wandsworth, who is playing his own part in helping the community.

Mr Simmons said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to promote something which has been very simple but given people a lot of pleasure.

“Her first performance was ‘What a Wonderful World’; the sun was shining, but we knew tough times lay ahead – it was so perfect and full of optimism.”

Mr Simmons said he was blown away – though not surprised – at the way his local community has responded to the coronavirus crisis.

He continued: “From small acts like people helping their neighbours get food, to the mobilisation of support groups, young people like Georgie, who is also our street coordinator, are leading the way in this crisis from what I can see.”

Mr Simmons is currently repurposing his tours as downloadable maps for people to use for set walks in the area, with an aim to raise money for CriticalNHS.

You can listen to Ego by Georgie Temple here.

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