‘Kingston’s Banksy’ hammers home lockdown rules through graffiti

By Fiona Jackson
April 16 2020, 15.15

An artist supported the coronavirus lockdown rules imposed by the government with graffiti at Fairfield Recreation Ground in Kingston.

Street artist Skyhigh painted the graffiti just over two weeks ago ‘out of frustration’.

Skyhigh said: “I live in the Kingston area and I was seeing many people still weren’t taking things seriously, especially in that particular park. 

“It didn’t take very long to create, it was just a quick thing to try and get through to certain people. 

“In times like this we all need to look out for each other and our communities in any way we can.”

GET THE MESSAGE: The graffiti in Fairfield Park reinforces the Government’s lockdown guidelines. Images courtesy of Twitter user @crazyerol123.

The graffiti says: “Stay home for the NHS. Save Lives…This isn’t the holidays. Exercise or go home! Save the NHS.”

On another wall it lists that parks can be used for exercise, that you must social distance and you cannot hold communal gatherings.

A Kingston Council spokesman said: “The mural will be removed once the COVID-19 outbreak is over, as determined by the government. 

“We have previously worked with the artist, Skyhigh in two of our parks which have had historic graffiti problems, Victoria Recreation Ground and Dickerage Road Recreation Ground. 

“Since permanent murals were painted on the buildings and walls there we have seen a significant reduction in graffiti.”

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