The Grosvenor Arms in Stockwell runs coronavirus offer of free loo roll with every fifth beer

By Tom Brady
March 16 2020, 19.00

An independent Stockwell pub is running a coronavirus-themed offer of free toilet roll when you buy five beers.

Owner Tom Power, 30, has lived in Stockwell for eight years. His fledgeling pub The Grosvenor Arms has only been open for 11 months.

He said he has taken precautions to keep patrons and staff safe, including cleaning thoroughly and providing anti-bacterial hand wash.  

Mr Power said he abhorred the racist reactions to the virus such as people avoiding Chinese and Italian restaurants. And he believes social media is exacerbating the panic. 

He said: “When you’ve got thousands of people on social media saying ‘Oh s***, there’s no antibacterial gel! Get down to Sainsbury’s quick!’ you’re gonna do it.”

Mr Power believes panic buying is not just silly but wrong as it could deprive old and vulnerable people who can’t get to the shops as easily. 

He told us the offer was intended as a tongue in cheek joke to lighten the mood and remind people to relax and stop stressing out. 

In Mr Power’s case, as an independent bar supplied by independent breweries, he is worried about the knock-on effects if people stop coming out. 

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