The Andy Gray Column: Roberto Di Matteo won’t get Chelsea job on permanent basis

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HE HAS had a good start to life as Chelsea manager but I certainly don’t expect Roberto Di Matteo to get the job on a permanent basis.

I think with Roman Abramovich in charge he is always going to go for a bigger name and I doubt that Roberto is big enough for him.

Don’t get me wrong, he is highly thought of amongst Chelsea fans for what he achieved as a footballer there but I just can’t see him there in that role long term.

If he wins the Champions League, which I feel that they probably won’t, then that will obviously not harm his chances but even so I don’t think he will be the one handed the reins.

I think he knows that it is only for a short period of time but of course he will have his sights set on it long term and will be doing all he can to make that happen and to improve Chelsea’s results.

But Chelsea are looking at him as a short-term fix at the moment while they look for their next permanent man.

The result against Napoli was massive, not just for the club but for the Premier League on a whole.

They are now flying the flag for the Premier League as England’s sole representative in the Champions League final eight.

And it’s very important that we had someone there, not just for prestige but for our coefficient as it is important at all times that we get the fourth qualifier into the Champions League.

We don’t want to lose that fourth place as Italy have done in the past because we want to demonstrate how strong our league is, arguably the strongest in the world.

So it was an important result, not just for Chelsea but as a country on the whole and whether you like Chelsea or not I think a few clubs owe them some gratitude.

But they obviously didn’t do it for anyone else, they did it for themselves and it was a great game and they thoroughly deserved the victory.

A lot has been made of John Terry and his ‘coaching’ from the sidelines but I think too much to be honest.

I think he was just doing his duties as captain and just trying to spur his team on in what was a very important time of a very important match.

You expect that from a captain and he is doing what he feels he needs to and I have absolutely no qualms about it at all.

It was an important game and they were getting to the end of it and they were all getting excited and John was just doing what he felt he needed to do to get his team through it.

So I see no problem with it but people are going to try and make a big deal of it just because it is John Terry.

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