Biggest Loser winner shares success story with South West Londoners


2011 champion Wil Graham joined InKilter Fitness personal trainers on Thursday to launch their newest fat-busting fitness classes.


By Elise Chamberlain

A shadow of his former self, winner of The Biggest Loser 2011, Wil Graham, shared his weight-loss success story with South Londoners looking to get fit on Thursday.

The 30-year-old joined the InKilter Fitness personal trainers to help launch their newest flab-busting fitness classes and inspire people at the Canbury Arms, Kingston.

Reflecting on his pre weight-loss years, Wil said his lifestyle was tragic.

“My life was just an existence,” he said.

“I was pretty miserable but I just thought that was the way I was supposed to be.”

Realising he may never see his young nephew grow up, Wil was approved to undergo a gastric sleeve operation whereby doctors would remove 90 per cent of his stomach.

Though initially excited to reduce his BMI of 63, his mood was dampened by his parents who were concerned for his health.

Coming across the application by chance, Wil never believed he would exceed week one of The Biggest Loser, let alone win it, scoop £25,000 in prize money and lose 119 pounds.

Speaking to Kingston residents on Thursday evening Wil, who has now completed three half marathons, said: “Take control now and do things that will benefit you in the long run.

“Put yourself and your goals first, don’t wait until you have to go on a TV show and shake around like jelly in front of millions of UK viewers.”

Wil, the only Biggest Loser winner to have gone on to lose more weight, is now fast approaching his ultimate goal weight and enjoying the positive effects that his weight loss is having on his mind and body.

“I put on ten stone in about a year but now I understand why that was, I was depressed and let food take over,” he said.

Wil says his weight began to spiral out of control when he lost his gran and spent time working at Laser Quest where he devoured birthday cake.

He would go to extreme lengths such as scraping his throat with a wire coat hanger to stop himself eating, but those dark days are now far behind him.

“Fixing the problem I had has taken over my life in a way food used to,” he said.

Joining Wil was InKilter fitness director Stuart Amory who took Twitter by storm for the second year in a row in 2011 with his now infamous ‘advent challenge’.

Supported by his fellow personal trainers, the celebrity personal trainer, currently training Jake Humphrey, reiterated Wil’s New Year message of encouragement.

“Exercise is a pain in the arse so try and make it fun,” said Stuart, originally from Scotland.

“Learn to accept what you can’t change and try and put things into perspective a bit,” he said.

“By saying ‘I’ll never do it’ you are only harming yourself. Instead, start believing in yourself.”

Talking about his chosen career Stuart said: “I absolutely love it, I feel so honoured to be in this position and help people by giving them the kick up the backside they want.”

InKilter Fitness is currently offering a fitness class package including three five-week blocks of training for £180 or alternatively individual month packages are available for £75.

For more information contact Stuart Amory on 07788448520.  

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