All the Kingston and Surbiton candidates

General Election 2019: Meet the Kingston and Surbiton candidates

By Freya Pickford and Catriona Graffius
November 15 2019, 17.25

In 2017 Ed Davey reclaimed the seat for the Liberal Democrats who received a 44.7% of the vote for a 4,124 majority.

The Conservatives received 23,686 votes with 38.1% and Labour received 9,203 votes which accounted for 14.8%.  

Kingston and Surbiton voted to stay in the EU, the constituency results were 40.84% leave and 59.16% remain.

Aphra Brandreth (Conservatives)

Aphra worked as an economic adviser for the government in Defra for 10 years. She is the youngest daughter of broadcaster and former Conservative MP for Chester Gyles Brandreth, and has been involved in politics for over 20 years since being a ‘junior member’ of his campaign team.

Aphra is currently a councillor representing Barnes on Richmond Borough Council and will campaign for better transport for Kingston and Surbiton, more support for local schools, support for local businesses and cleaner air. 

Aphra said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Kingston and Surbiton.

“This is a fantastic community and I am proud and excited to fight for the Conservatives here.”

Twitter: @aphrabrandreth

Chinners Chinnery (Monster Raving Looney Party)

Promoted to deputy leader, Chinners Chinnery has been a stalwart of the Monster Raving Looney Party since the 1980s.

He has kept one election pledge for 15 years by putting on a free live band once a week in the local looney headquarters. Chinners is the party’s current spacehopper champion.

Twitter: @Official_MRLP

Ed Davey (Liberal Democrat)

Sir Ed is deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and the party’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. He served as Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change from 2012-2015 during the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Sir Ed was the MP for Kingston and Surbiton between 1997 and 2015 and again from June 2016 to 2019. Trained as an economist before entering politics, he has campaigned on climate change, local police and transport links in Kingston and Surbiton.

Twitter: @edwardjdavey

James Giles (Independent)

James is 19 and is a first-year politics student at Royal Holloway and a local campaigner. He has campaigned in Kingston and Surbiton for five years and worked to save the fountain roundabout, secured the future of the Malden Centre and has scrapped controlled parking zone charges.

He is campaigning to increase the number of police on the streets, supporting local schools being hit by cuts, standing up for the local hospital and the NHS and supporting the high street.

Twitter: @JamesGilesRBK

Roger Glencross (UKIP)

Twitter: @UKIP

Scott Holman (Brexit Party)

Scott Holman is the Brexit Party Surrey county organiser and works in events in Kingston.

Mr Holman is campaigning to leave the EU with a ‘simple free trade agreement’.

His priorities include making the House of Lords into an elected body, scrapping interest on student loans and more police officers and doctors.

Twitter: @scottholman90

Sharron Sumner (Green Party)

Sharron was elected as a councillor in Surbiton’s Alexandra Ward in 2018. She is campaigning to deliver action on clean air, protecting schools and services for vulnerable people and for sustainable development.

She said: “In the past 17 months the Lib Dems should have banned pesticides, insisted on green vehicles for their contractors and enforced the law on those developers illegally felling trees and destroying habitats.” 

Twitter: @SharronSumner1

Leanne Werner (Labour)

Leanne Werner is a Labour councillor for South Bermondsey and environment scrutiny chair for Southwark. Ms Werner’s past work has focussed on violence against women and child trafficking. She fundraises for a women’s charity helping abuse victims and women escaping modern day slavery.

She is campaigning for a greener constituency with more affordable housing.

Twitter: @LeanneLWerner

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