Library goes ‘Green 4 Grenfell’ on second anniversary of fire

Exactly two years after the fire at Grenfell Tower residents in Ladbroke Grove were asked to contribute to a creative memorial.  

A stall was set up in North Kensington Library as a part of ‘Green 4 Grenfell Day’ to remember those who lost their lives.

Volunteers put together an arts table and provided glitter, green hearts and stickers for people to be as creative as possible in the production of a memorial.

grenfell tower fire

PAYING TRIBUTE: Visitors added emotional messages to the memorial

Green 4 Grenfell Day activist Jacob Rety said: “It’s important I think to show the strength of community and support for each other in what’s been a very hard time and these types of events are quite positive.

“We don’t want Grenfell just to be forgotten and there are a lot of things surrounding Grenfell that affect people, not just those that were in the building.”

There were 20 other buildings in the area shining green lights as a tribute to Grenfell.

GETTING INVOLVED: The community came together to remember those affected by the fire

The messages were displayed outside the library with some hung outside and some on the memorial corner.

Mr Rety said: “Support is always welcome in any level. Whether it’s coming or helping with a day like this and just adding your name, doing something creative or something where you bring some professional skill.”

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