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Recipe for success: ‘Jerk Aid’ fundraiser for Brixton Caribbean restaurant that feeds homeless people

A ‘Jerk Aid’ fundraiser is taking place tomorrow to support a Caribbean restaurant in Brixton that helps feed homeless people every day.

Anonymous helper, The Free Help Guy, has organised a ‘helpmob’ to support The Ultimate Jerk Centre on Coldharbour Lane.

The event, which takes place tomorrow between 12pm and 4pm, encourages customers to pay more than they are charged for their food, in order to help the owners.

“In opening their doors to the homeless, without any motivation other than to help those on the edge of society, they’re doing something amazing and something we should all be inspired by,” said The Free Help Guy.

“It’s as simple as that.”

The aim is to get as many people as possible down to the restaurant to support the good work that the takeaway does.

The Free Help Guy hopes the event will show the restaurant owners that they are appreciated in the community.

He said: “In the scheme of things, it’s only a small commitment but one I hope the owners see as a meaningful message from those who admire them.”

You can donate to their crowdfunder here.

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