On The Pulse: Are there enough positive female role models?


We took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out…


By Tristan Carlyle & Anna Tabrah

Girlguiding UK have published a report arguing that there is shortage of positive female role models in the public eye.

They cite TV shows including The Only Way Is Essex and Skins as creating a damaging perception of women.

A survey the group conducted found that more girls aged between seven and 21 see Cheryl Cole as a role model than their teacher.

This speaks strongly for the influence of celebrity culture.

Most women with a high media profile are in the film or music industry; and this presents a rather narrow segment of society for young women to draw guidance from.

This is what the people of Merton had to say:

Is there a shortage of positive female role models in the public eye?








There are positive role models. Even people like popstars have made their way to the top and worked hard to get there. They are women who have achieved something. However, we do need more attainable alternatives as well.
Yvonne James, 60


It’s all about looks rather than substance. These are the kind of people who are pushed by the media. Girls mainly look up to reality tv stars, whereas they don’t really focus on people from academic fields.
Josh Mills, 25


There should be more people who are doing good for the world. Now it’s all about curly hair and fake tan and I think that’s a bad thing.
Sarah Parker, 27


There should be more women who have real careers, women from industry. Popstars are not the kind of people young girls should want to be like.
Jake McDonald, 19


It shouldn’t be reality tv stars but you can’t look to the Prime Minister either. We need people who actually have morals and a conscience, which most of the people in the media don’t. I don’t really have any time for the media.
Elise Taylor, 20


There’s only rubbish to aspire to. Beyonce and Rihanna are talented, yes, but they’re not the type of people that girls should be looking up. The dancing they do and the clothes they wear really aren’t right.
Antonia Fizer, 20

Shows like Made in Chelsea and TOWIE, just have absolutely no morals. More people like Kate Middleton would be  good, you know people who earn their way, not just sitting around getting drunk and spray painting their bodies.
William Hamilton-Wood, 23

I think there are, yes, take newscasters for example, and politicians. There are those who look up to the people on TV but they’re stupid. There are people out there, you just have to look in the right place.
Bindu Patel, 37

I think there probably must be good role models, but it depends where you look. Away from talent shows and the like to female authors and playwrights, they’re a shining example. You just need to look for them!
Stephen O’Sullivan, 32

Yeah, it’s a good thing. Everyone needs somebody to be like, and it’s good that they’ve got a wide choice. You don’t just want intelligent people; you need a wide range of talents to learn from.
Dwayne Telfair, 41

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