Superhuman: Wimbledon residents get creative in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief


A gang of Superheroes rode through the streets to raise money for Red Nose Day.


By Laura Mitchell

The people of Wimbledon have been getting creative in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief.

A gang of Superheroes were seen flying through the streets on bicycles yesterday in a bid to raise money for Red Nose Day.

The comically dressed staff, from various Sainsbury’s local stores in the area, raised in excess of £1,500 by cycling 25 miles via 15 of their stores.

Nirav Patel, 33, Store Manager (aka Robin) said: “We struggled on some parts of it because there were some steep hills, but we all got through and we all stayed together. We didn’t sprint off because we were encouraging each other.

“We did quite well. Actually, really well!”

The crew included Batman and Robin on a tandem bike, Banana man, Duff man, Superman and a Ninja.

“My legs are in pain today but it was good fun, and a great cause,” said Mr Patel.

Events continued today in Sainsbury’s Wimbledon, as the manager rocked an Elvis onesie.

The staff of the store grouped together to decide the costume of the day for manager Denis Young. The choice was between dressing him as a woman, a Bunny or Elvis.

“I probably would have preferred to be dressed as a woman because I wouldn’t have been so hot,” joked Mr Young, 47.

The store has been abuzz with fundraising activities including staff sponsorships, cakes sales, football matches, scratch cards and competitions.

The staff have even been working out of hours and managed to raise £450 outside Wimbledon station this morning, in just two hours.

Mary Sackey, 26, one of the Sainsbury’s fundraisers, said: “People have been cheerful and giving; I’ve been singing and dancing around.”

Mr Young added that people were very charitable.

“We didn’t just have the buckets we were selling red noses, so a lot of kids were buying them, as they were coming through,” he said.

“It’s good it’s a worthy cause and it’s a bit of fun for everybody in the store.”

The store will not receive the total figure they have raised until tonight but expect it to be a minimum of £1,700, if not more.

Mr Young said: “We’re doing really well so it will be quite interesting tonight to see what our total figure is.”

Elsewhere, a fundraising Spinathalon was taking place in Centre Court Shopping Centre.

Three members of staff from Virgin Active Gym in Wimbledon cycled for six continuous hours, taking it in turns to fundraise, sell fitness shakes and cycle.

Danielle Bower, 26, Senior Membership Consultant at Virgin Active said: “Riding was intense, I can’t even ride a bike and I somehow managed to do it for two and a half hours.”

Despite being a last minute operation the trio managed to raise around £100, most of which was donated by passers-by.

“It was quite funny because little kids came up and gave us lollies and stuff to keep us going, it was really cute,” said Ms Bower.

“All the shop keepers kept coming out and checking on us.

“People were good, they were happy to donate even if it was only a few pennies here and there. We’re going to try and do a charity event each month now.”

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