Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Lambeth tot up £1m of fines in six months

Since Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) were introduced in certain parts of south west London last summer, £1,090,066 worth of Penalty Charge Notices have been issued by Lambeth Council.

So far, nearly half of the 11,861 fines handed out, worth £448,841, have been paid.

A fine of £130 was given to drivers who ignored the camera-enforced filters.

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “Our emergency Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are making it easier to walk, cycle and keep up social distancing.

“Most people in Lambeth don’t own a car, but all motorists on our borough’s streets are required to drive legally and obey the law at all times.

“Our on-street signage, planters and ANPR cameras are in place to ensure that is the case.”

LTNs were set up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in certain areas, and to cut air pollution by encouraging people to shop locally.

Barriers and large planters were put on busy roads to reduce the number of vehicles using them.

GREEN: Lambeth’s LTN was designed to reduce traffic and cut pollution.
Credit: Jon Bewley/Sustrans, all rights reserved

Some anti-LTN activists claim LTNs bring inequality, social injustice, drive pollution to neighbouring roads, and divide communities.

They claim clean air should be for all and not for a select few.

The Facebook group ‘One Lambeth’ was set up in protest to the LTNs and has links to local and government petitions and urges the public to write to their local councillors and MPs.

The hashtag #OneLambeth is encouraged to be used on Twitter when discussing LTNs and other plans for the area.

However, a recent On London opinion poll revealed 52% of respondents said they support LTNs and only 19% said they opposed them.

One Twitter user said: “We’ve seen so many friends with kids in and around, all on bikes. This sight would’ve been unimaginable a month ago.

“This is how low traffic neighbourhoods transform streets.”

You can read more about Lambeth’s LTNs here and criticism from residents here.

Featured image credit: Jon Bewley/Sustrans, all rights reserved

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common sense human
common sense human
17 January 2021 10:39 am

Hmmmm, I wonder if there is a really easy way to stop getting fined? Anyone?

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