Everything you need to know about Aspire Global and their acquisition of BtoBet

Aspire Global has acquired BtoBet, one of the most favoured sportsbook platforms.

Possibly a hub for the concept of iGaming, BtoBet’s acquisition will prove to be a great deal for gamers and bookmakers alike.

Here is all you need to know about Aspire Global and their acquisition of BtoBet.

What is Aspire Global’s Credibility?

Before diving into the intricacies of the acquisition itself, it only makes sense to delve on the specifics of the parties involved.

In that regard, Aspire Global is possibly one the most flexible partnering solutions, especially with respect to their iGaming platform, as is evident from their experience spanning over 15 years.

In an era where customer focus makes or breaks relationships, Aspire Global has perfected said acquaintances with their tailor-made solutions for customers.

Be it its minor offerings to online game houses like Karamba casino, Karamba slots, or even its integration into Karamba Battle—Aspire Global has made immense contributions.

While Karamba has extensively worked with Aspire Global, there are many other companies involved here too— only adding to Aspire Global’s credibility.

Mostly functioning across regulated markets, Aspire Global has solidified its position across Northern Europe.

In fact, when most gambling companies are pulling out of areas like the UK, Aspire Global has placed its footing ever so firmly.

What is BtoBet?

Sports betting has carved out a niche of its own. In fact, more often than not, every sports event or game is associated with the said betting platform.

In this regard, BtoBet has been one of the leading platforms for online sports betting if not iGaming altogether.

The reason why BtoBet was hailed in high regard is because of their player-centric ecosystem. In fact, the Neuron 3 solution platform has perhaps been a breakthrough in this regard, making BtoBet an even more luscious proposition for Aspire Global.

The Neuron 3 comes with a plethora of business tools that allow their maker to build a customer-centric experience—and this was used justifiably well by BtoBet.

Using their profound technological acumen, BtoBet has been successful in making the average visitor feel more engaged in terms of experience.

The Acquisition

After having acquired approval from the North Macedonian Authorities, Aspire Global successfully managed to acquire 100% shares of BtoBet.

While the announcement was held as early as 17 September 2020, the entire process of consolidation took place till 1 October, 2020.

The total acquisition took place over €20 million, in cash. While €15 million over the entire sum was transacted at closing, the remaining sum is to be transacted a year after.

In this entire transaction phase, there was a minor caveat involved, though. Perhaps the fine print.

An additional consideration based on BtoBet’s performance was enlisted, to be measured two years after closing.

The said consideration is assessed to be about seven times BtoBet’s EBIT in the second year of the said closing, minus the purchase price of the said €20 million. This happens to be crucial in terms of monetary assessments for both parties.

In this case, the fine prints lie in BtoBet’s 2019 assessments. In 2019, BtoBet generated revenues of around €4.4 million, with an EBITDA of more than one-third of it.

In the first six months of the next year, BtoBet managed to acquire revenues of about €3.1 million and EBITDA just short of half of the said amount.

The cruciality of the said assessments lies in the fact that all of it aids in Aspire Global’s overall growth itself.

This said transaction is quite obviously bound to have a positive effect on Aspire Global’s EBITDA of 2021, but not as much on 2020 assessments.

The Benefits

While it is too early to make solid assessments, one can make apparent assumptions about the benefit of the said acquisition.

The average customer might have a more enriching experience with this acquisition, irrespective of visiting intent.

More control

First, now that Aspire Global has made this acquisition, it can have more control over what it wants to display to the visitor.

This could range from arranging special events with respect to current sporting events (considering how great BtoBet was with sports gaming), or even arranging its own tournament altogether.

While all of it could just be speculations, it can be just as probable.

Intuitive Experience

As stated before, the Neuron 3 will play a crucial role here. Combining the technicalities of BtoBet and controllability of Aspire Global would prove to be an enthralling concoction for the average visitor.

Considering how customer-oriented solutions BtoBet had in the first place, this would only become better now.

To Conclude

The acquisition of BtoBet and its B2B sportsbook is crucial since Aspire Global wants to add elements of the B2B iGaming value chain.

Along with the technological know-how, the sportsbooks should provide Aspire Global a great deal of flexibility, thereby making it ever so consumer-centric, yet again.

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