Merton warned of computer repair con-artists


Merton Council is warning residents to watch out for con-artists offering to fix computer problems.


By Wayne Bartlett

Merton Council is warning residents to watch out for computer con-artists.

The advice follows a spate of cyber scams in the borough, with conmen claiming to be from Microsoft offering to ‘fix’ computer problems.

Bogus phone calls are made to unsuspecting residents in order to try and gain access to their computers to install viruses or spyware, with credit card information asked for to ‘validate the software’.

Victims of the scam face not only the risk of exposure to fraud, but also the added cost of having their computer repaired to remove any damaging software.

Cabinet member for environmental regeneration and sustainability, Councillor Andrew Judge, advised: “Legitimate computer firms should never make unsolicited phone calls offering to fix your computer.”

 He added: “We would advise our residents to stay safe by taking care of their personal information and never divulge any details to a cold caller.”

 For more information, visit If you are concerned you have been a victim of a scam, call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.


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