On The Pulse: Is Wayne Rooney’s three match ban too harsh?


SW Londoner reporter Natasha Barr takes to the streets of Wimbledon to find out.


By Natasha Barr

Wayne Rooney will be banned from three England matches UEFA confirmed this morning.

Rooney will not be able to play in any of the Euro 2012 group stages in Poland and Ukraine next year. The three month ban comes after EUFA decided kicking out at Miodrag Dzudovic in Montenegro last week should be classified as assault.

SWLondoner took to Wimbledon’s streets to find out what people think.

Is the three game ban for Wayne Rooney too harsh?





Don’t know


Adrian Manford, 26

“Not long enough, no. His comeback was unbefitting of someone who’s representing our country. I reckon he should be out of the England team. Simple as.”


Juliette Blows, 42

“I think it’s really unfair. One match ban yes. I didn’t see it, I just heard about it but he shouldn’t have done it. But he walked straight off so he behaved himself. It’s just too harsh, he’s our best striker.”


Mr Ryan, 34

“I’m a Gooner but I think it’s a little bit harsh. On the other hand he’s got little children looking at him.”


Jennifer Brown, 32

“Quite frankly he needs to grow up. When you think back to what David Beckham did all those years ago and you know he learnt from that and he grew up and Rooney’s done these things time and time again and he never seems to learn. It’s just unfortunate the rest of the England team have to suffer.”


Nadim Allan, 29

“I think it’s a bit harsh. I think he should have got a two match ban. It looks worse in slow motion doesn’t it? He didn’t make big contact with him it was just a bit petulant. I think three is a little bit harsh but you know that’s life isn’t it, he shouldn’t have done it.”


Mr Titterton, 70

“It’s not too harsh it’s just about right. He’s got to learn his lesson and he hasn’t. He keeps on doing these things. He’s not got it up here. Bobby Moore wouldn’t have done it.”


James Hammond, 27

“I think the suspension was adequate. He got what he deserved.”


Rhys Thomas, 29

“It’s a repeat of 98 David Beckham really. I think it is a bit harsh but end of the day it’s the second straight he’s had so he’s got to serve his sentence. But he took it like a man didn’t he? So at least he’s grown up a bit from last time. I do feel sorry for him with everything what’s going on with his dad and everything.”

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