Company accused of sacking ‘lazy and British’ workers to meet with MP


Kingston-based Jani-King deny the claim suggesting there are other circumstances behind the sacking.


By Harry McAlister

Jani-King, the Kingston-based cleaning firm accused of firing two workers for being ‘lazy and British’, are set to meet with MP Henry Smith next week.

The company also confirmed they are seeking independent advice following the allegations by former employees Stella Judge and Sarah Pritchard.

Miss Judge and Miss Pritchard insist they were sacked for not working as hard as their foreign co-workers.

Mr Smith, their Tory MP for Crawley, yesterday used parliamentary privilege to publicise the news.

A spokeswoman for Jani-King called the claims ‘serious and worrying’.

She said: “When people are sacked from jobs they tend not to be delighted with the people that have let them go and it all comes down to personality.

“Whatever reasons they have for saying what they have it was nothing to do with ethnicity. There are so many grey areas.”

She also suggested there are other circumstances behind the dismissal of Miss Judge and Miss Pritchard.

Jani-King’s staunch denial of any race-related motivations behind the sacking conflicts with the axed cleaners’ version of events.

“Recently, I have been dealing with a case on behalf of two constituents who were dismissed from their job with a commercial cleaning firm called Jani-King, allegedly for being British,” Mr Smith told the Commons.

“Can we have consideration for a debate on discrimination against British workers in this country?”

Leader of the House Sir George Young urged Mr Smith to contact “the appropriate authorities if anything illegal has taken place”.


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