My Big Mouth: Are royals entitled to a private life?


Topless images of Kate Middleton sunbathing, published by French magazine Closer, have sparked a furious backlash on Twitter.


By Khaleda Rahman

Topless images of Kate Middleton sunbathing, published by French magazine Closer today, have sparked a furious backlash on Twitter.

The latest royal scandal begs the question once again: are royals entitled to a private life?

Hot on the heels of Prince Harry’s naked Vegas debauchery, public interest and freedom of the press issues are again the subject of contention.

Is it right to publish topless pictures that were obviously taken with a very long lens in a private location? Of course not.

William and Kate are “saddened” by the invasion of privacy, and will most likely pursue legal action. I think they have every right to.

Not only did it breach French privacy laws, but a five-page spread of the royal couple enjoying a holiday in the south of France earlier this month, is definitely pushing it.

For me, it is simply a ploy to sell magazines and something that the majority of the British public probably think is crossing a line.

As a young married couple on holiday, what is so wrong with going topless in a private house?

No British publications will be publishing the photographs, including The Sun, which ran last month’s naked photos of Prince Harry.

Publishing the pictures would be in violation of The British Press Complaints Commission rules, which dictate it is unacceptable to photograph individuals in private places without their consent.

For those who think that she should know better may have forgotten that not too long ago Kate was an ordinary girl who simply happened to be dating Prince William.

She is still fairly new to the public eye and more people know her as Kate than the Duchess of Cambridge.

She is loved by the masses and hailed as a “new Diana” and the reason is because she is relatable.

This is the woman who regularly wears high street clothes and champions British brands, even though she could get her hands on the most exclusive of designer clothes. She, even – shock horror – recycles outfits!

She is a demure, dignified woman and an excellent role model for young women today, but  images like this send the wrong impression.

William and Kate are currently on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tour in Asia.

Kate, a patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, comforted terminally ill children in Hospis Malaysia and gave her first speech on foreign soil yesterday, passionately praising the centre’s work.

It’s a shame that a few topless pictures now overshadow her positive achievements.

Despite her “celebrity” status, she should not be afraid to live her life because the paparazzi are always lurking.

But as long as there are gossip magazines and a monarchy, there will always be royal scandals.

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