Mother and children survive Raynes Park car crash


A family escaped a car accident which left their vehicle upside down.


By Joel Durston

A mother and her children survived a car crash which saw their jeep overturn after colliding with a Peugeot in Raynes Park on Tuesday.

All parties involved in the accident, which happened at 7.55am on the A238, escaped without any serious injuries. 

The woman and children were apparently able to get out of the wrecked 4×4.

A 30m stretch of road near Raynes Park Station was cordoned off as the police patrolled the area, spoke to witnesses and waited for the recovery team to clear the smashed cars.

Buses which usually operate along the road were diverted, along with cars, with pedestrians and cyclists being allowed through.

“There was traffic as far as the eye could see, but then the police came and turned it round,” one witness said.

“There were cars, alarms and fire engines. It shook me up because it flipped over.

“It was a woman in there (the Jeep) with two boys. After the crash, people were going over to them and hugging them and then the ambulance came. It’s a shock isn’t it.”

The road – the section of Coombe Road behind Raynes Park Station – is a busy A-road, yet the lanes are not particularly wide when there are parked cars. Therefore accidents are perhaps more likely here than elsewhere.

However a witness who lives on the street said: “I have lived here 42 years and never seen an accident here before.

“My daughter and son-in-law have a garage and say that because (Jeeps) are high-sided vehicles they flip over more easily than other cars,” she added. “A horrifying experience though.”

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