For foxes’ sake! South west London MPs welcome Cameron U-turn on hunting ban vote

Many south west London MPs have welcomed the decision to postpone plans to relax fox hunting plans.

Conservative MPs Gavin Barwell (Croydon) and Dr Tania Mathias (Twickenham), Labour MPs Sadiq Khan (Tooting) and Siobhain McDonagh (Mitcham and Morden) and Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake (Carshalton & Wallington) tweeted that they would vote to keep the ban.

Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan took to Twitter to welcome the decision after it emerged the plans were shelved in the face of SNP MPs voting against proposals.

He said: “Government climb down means we’ll #KeepTheBan. Good news for now. Let’s keep the pressure up.”

The nationalists claimed their opposition was linked to the government’s plans for English votes for English laws (EVEL).

Tom Brake said: “Great news, Tories delay fox hunting vote, as realised were going to lose cos of SNP u-turn on pledge not to vote on English matters.”

Earlier in the week Dr Tania Mathias tweeted: “Many enquiries about fox hunting vote: I’m intending to vote against amendments but will listen to debate. I am against animal cruelty.”

Siobhain McDonagh tweeted: “Just for the avoidance of doubt I will be voting against the hunting amendment on Wednesday and to #KeepTheBan!”

PETA hosted a huge protest outside Parliament this morning. Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May attended the event and addressed the crowds.

He said: “This isn’t about politics, it’s about cruelty.”

PETA Associate Director Elisa Allen said:“Hunting is cruelty to animals, plain and simple.

“If a group of people chased down dogs and cats for fun, we wouldn’t call it a ‘sport’.

“We’d call it abuse, and that’s exactly what it is when it happens to foxes.

“The vote that was scheduled to take place tomorrow, was an attempt to bring back fox hunting through the back door.

“It has now been exposed as a cynical attempt to gain political support from a small, loud and cranky group of people who wish to take out feelings of inadequacy on animals who are powerless to defend themselves.

“It’s vital that the public continue to urge MPs to vote to keep Britain humane by retaining the Hunting Act – and to resist any attempts by the government to weaken the existing legislation.

“The vast majority of Britons are opposed to fox hunting, and any amendment to the act would be a colossal step backwards.”

Picture courtesy of jans canon, with thanks

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