COVID-19 updates for first half of 2024

The most recent recorded death from COVID-19 in the UK was on May 24, 2024 – totalling 138 deaths between May 17 and 24, 2024.

Even though people might’ve started viewing the virus as a regular winter bug, it is still causing a lot of deaths.

The number of both cases and deaths has changed dramatically through the year.

In January 2024, the number of cases was 26,374 and deaths hit 1,383 for the month.

Latest data from January 2024 to June 2024 shows the number of daily new cases has been decreasing, indicating a positive direction in managing the pandemic.

But regarding COVID-19-related deaths, there has been an increase in the number of fatalities.

Comparing the number of deaths from June 2023 and January 2024, there was an increase of 602 people.  

Also, on May 29, 2024, there were 276 people in hospital caused by COVID-19.

This shows an improvement with the virus, as in the previous month, there were 330 people in the hospital caused by COVID-19.  

Public health messaging remains crucial in educating the public about the importance of wearing masks in crowded settings, practicing good hand hygiene, and keeping your social distance when necessary. 

UK data correct as of June 14, 2024 – 

Featured image by Leo from Pixabay

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