Video of woman praising Islamic community’s efforts following Grenfell Tower blaze goes viral

A video of a woman praising the response of the Islamic community to the Grenfell Tower blaze has gone viral.

The video, shot by South West Londoner reporter David Pittam just outside the cordon around Grenfell Tower, shows a woman describing how people came from nearby mosquest to help victims of the fire.

She goes on to denounce the extent to which Muslim men are criticised in wider society, saying that their contributions to Britain are often overlooked.

The video has been shared more than a thousand times.

Meanwhile other religous groups have also been praised for their efforts to help victims.

Sikh Welfare Awareness Team, a charity based in west London, has teams at the site.

Volunteer Satta Padham, 49, said:

“Muslims were on Ramadan so they woke up and were helping others.

“People say muslims are terrorists – they are human beings, just like the rest of us.

“Religion is about being a good human being and this [fire] proves that it does not matter what faith you are, from inside we’re all the same.”

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