Preview: Fame @ New Wimbledon Theatre



The much-loved musucal will be in Wimbledon from February 20 – March 1.

By Ellie Pipe

New Wimbledon Theatre will play host to feel-good musical Fame as it embarks on a brand new tour from February 20.

Director and choreographer Gary Lloyd said that the musical, produced by Bill Kenwright, will be set in the present day for the 2014 tour.

“We are giving the audience the original Fame and have made it relevant to today’s audience,” he said of the musical which has been a year and a half in the making.

Lloyd recognises that today’s younger generation are more familiar with the ‘X-Factor’ kind of instant fame and he wanted to capture this level of ambition and expectation in the production.

Will this version of the much-acclaimed show still appeal to its original audience?

“Absolutely,” says Lloyd.

“I’m quite a stickler forwhat Fame is and should be about, that generation of kids are my age now and it should feel right.”

Creating the music was top priority for the team.

“It is very long and creative so it got the most attention,” said Lloyd.

“The essence of each song is there with a really contemporary edge.”

The story of Fame follows drama students on their search for stardom and Lloyd explained how important it is foreach character to stand out.

Jodie Steele plays the role of Carmen Diaz and through her feisty, ambitious character darker topics of drug use and tragedy will be depicted. 

“She wants it immediately,” said Steele of her character’s desire for fame.

She believes the show will appeal to generations old and young.

“The cheese factor has been taken out and it is very truthful, very dark.” she said.

If there was any doubt that this production would have the same emotional impact as the original, a preview of ‘Fame’ the musical’s namesake song put an end to it.

Even in the confines of a rehearsal studio, the superb energy of the performance was mesmerising, tear-jerking and leaves you wanting more.

It is a tricky business successfully modernising a much-loved classic but attention to detail and a genuine empathy for the original musical seem to have paid off.

“This company are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with,” said Lloyd.

“They have a real cohesive energy.”

Judging by the preview, when this show hits the stage it will be hard to beat.

The show will be at New Wimbledon Theatre from Thursday February 20 to Saturday March 1. For tickets visit:

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