Liberal Democrat Nicola Horlick expected Chelsea and Fulham loss

Lucrece Grehoua
December 13 2019, 05.18

Liberal Democrat Candidate Nicola Horlick has commended her party for their role in the election in which she says they had little time to prepare.

Ms Horlick who is also chairman of start up fund company Glentham capital announced her candidacy on October 3 with a promise to decriminalise possession of drugs along with building 300,000 homes per year.

The Liberal Democrats won 12,104 votes while Conservative candidate Greg Hands gained held the seat with 23,345 votes.

Ms Horlick said: “It’s three times than what we had last time and we only had six weeks to do it.

“We don’t have much of an infrastructure, we don’t have many councillors and so on, so to go from nothing to getting 12,000 I think is pretty good. I am pleased.”

Ms Horlick added the fear of the Corbyn-factor in a well-off area was too much for residents to bear.

She said: “In the end was more important to them than Brexit.”

Conservative winner Mr Hands said: “We’ve had three major parties here in Chelsea and Fulham. For the first time really it’s been fought in that way since its creation.

“It seems like, Liberal Democrat leaflets, you wait 30 years to get one and fifty arrive at once. [Laughter] I didn’t mean it too badly!”

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