Kingston and Surbiton Election Results in full: Sir Ed Davey holds seat

By Fiona Jackson & Josh Graham>
December 13 2019, 04:00

Sir Ed Davey comfortably held his Kingston and Surbiton seat tonight having secured more than 31,000 votes.

Conservative candidate Aphra Brandreth won 20,614 votes, Labour’s Leanne Werner gained 6,528, the Green Party’s Sharron Sumner won 1,038 votes, while the Brexit Party’s Scott Holman gained 788 votes.

Trailing behind the larger parties, Independent candidate James Giles secured 458 votes, Chinners Chinnery of Monster Raving Looney won 193 votes and UKIP’s Roger Glencross gained 124 votes.

Sir Ed has been the Member of Parliament for the constituency since the 2017 general election, having previously been MP for the constituency from 1997 to 2015.

He said: “The national picture is on our minds tonight, I do worry that our country now faces a bleak midwinter, a Brexit bleak midwinter.”

“I in parliament will do my best to make sure damage to our country is minimised and I will try my hardest to represent the people of this constituency who clearly do not believe in Brexit.”

Conservative candidate Aphra Brandeth said: “Obviously it is a disappointing result for the Conservatives here but nationally its been mainly fantastic.

“We have got a strong base and I am very grateful for having such a great team.”

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