GIFs, memes and hashtags galore! Twitter reacts to #GeneralElection2019

By Emily Hemsley
December 13 2019, 12.55

The 2019 election night has proven to be extraordinary with the Conservatives gaining a majority, Jeremy Corbyn being defeat and the Lib Dems suffering a devastating blow.

The news has dominated social media with people waking up to the turbulent news on a dreary unlucky-for-some Friday 13 morning to share their reaction online with plenty of memes, GIFS, emojis and hashtags and we have their response.

Twitter is predominately flooded with backlash but there are some positive reactions – with ‘congratulations Boris’ trending on Twitter.

However, many tweets had a more bitter tone.

Many Twitter users are displaying their anger at the result with #notmygovernment trending on Twitter alongside #NotMyPrimeMinister.

The majority of these negative tweets come from younger users.

Also trending is #goodbyeNHS as many are also expressing their fears for the future of the NHS in the hands of a Conservative Government.

Many are joking that they can’t afford private healthcare.

MPs were also expressing their opinion to their online followers.

Avid Twitter users turned the site into a war zone with their opposing opinions.

Many pro-Labour celebrities shared their disappointment online, such as singer Lilly Allen and rapper Stormzy, a figurehead of Labour support for young people.  

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