Steve Reed wins

Croydon North election results in full: Labour’s Steve Reed retains seat

Georgia Simcox and Naomi Curston
December 13 2019, 04.00

Labour’s Steve Reed comfortably held his Croydon North seat securing 36,495 votes.

Conservative candidate Donald Ekekhomen won 11,822 votes, Liberal Democrat’s Claire Bonham gained 4,476 votes, Green Party’s Rachel Chance won 1,629 votes, The Brexit Party’s Chidi Ngwaba gained 839 votes, while Christian Peoples Alliance’s Candace Mitchell got 348 votes.

Croydon North had a 62.9% turn out, down 5.3% since 2017.

Mr Reed said: “I’d like to thank the voters of Croydon North for putting their confidence and faith in me for the fourth time now in just seven years.

“That’s an awful lot of times people have been asked to come out and vote and yet they have done and it is the absolute honour of my life to serve the people of Croydon North.”

He added: “We absolutely gave it our all but the results nationally for the Labour party are devastating and I know that this morning we are all hurting very, very much.

“I do feel for what this re-elected government will mean for our community in Croydon North, for our schools, for our NHS, for homeless people, for older people who need care, for children – far too many of whom are living in poverty.

“They all deserve better than they’ve had these last nine years and I hope they will see better over the years to come.

“I will hold this government to account for you and I will work flat out to represent you and be your voice in parliament. Thank you again to the people of Croydon North for giving me the honour of serving as your Member of Parliament.”

Christian Peoples Alliance’s Candace Mitchell saif : “I feel that [the party] has made progress. I’m quite pleased with the result.”

She added: “I’m not here for a sprint. I’m here for a marathon.”

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