You’ve heard of ‘selfies’, but what about ‘delfies’? London ladies top polls for pouty portraits

Is it self-love or are we just terrible at remembering what we look like?

‘Selfies’ are on the rise, with more than 51% per cent of the UK population posing solo for the camera – amounting to a whopping 35 million selfies every month!

But our vanity doesn’t end there. ‘Belfies’ (a selfie of one’s posterior) are also on the rise, with trend-setters such as Kim Kardashian championing the craze on Instagram.

The motto now seems to be ‘just add fie’, with ‘welfies’ (workout selfies), ‘delfies’ (drunken selfies) and the mouthful that is the ‘couplfie’ (couple selfies) surging on social media.

A recent survey by Click Stick found that London ladies are clearly influenced by Victoria Beckham, 69% of us prefer to pout instead of smile when taking a solo snapshot.

Liverpool is full of the nation’s biggest selfie-enthusiasts, with over 67% of residents guilty of taking a selfie.

Newcastle comes in second, and it seems the men there are huge fans as they make up 25% of all Geordie selfie-lovers.

Manchester is the most popular for group shots, with 61% of selfies found to include more than one person.

Curvaceous pop star, Beyoncé, was recently criticised for uploading a photo with allegedly photo-shopped thighs, however nearly half of all UK selfie-fans admitted that they digitally enhance their photos before sharing them online.

Perhaps it’s the pressure of celebrity culture and the competition on social media that makes selfies the new go-to for self-expression, although one might question the expressions read from a ‘belfie’!

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Image courtesy of E! Entertainment via YouTube, with thanks

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