Flowers for Prince Philip outside Buckingham Palace

VIDEO: Should Prince Philip be given a statue in London?

The death of Prince Philip on Friday, aged 99, led to petitions for the Duke of Edinburgh to get his own statue in London.

However, choosing public figures to honour with statues is a fraught topic, and it remains unclear whether the public would support the idea.

South West Londoner travelled to Buckingham Palace to find out what people thought.

Erald, a DJ, who met Prince Philip 20 years ago at an OBE ceremony, thought a statue would be a fitting tribute.

He said: “Prince Philip’s an icon. He’ll never be forgotten.”

Maria, an Eastern European cleaner, living in Southwark, brought flowers to show her respect for Prince Philip.

She said: “I love the royal family.”

Maria cried when she found out Prince Philip had died.

Anderson visited the Palace with his three-year-old daughter after she asked what was happening on the TV.

He said: “I don’t think a statue is necessary. Philip was a strong partner and that will be his legacy.”

No official details have been released about a statue for the Duke.

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