The sweet taste of success: Biscuiteers unveils Willy Wonka-style factory in Colliers Wood

By Carolina Herranz-Carr
October 12 2019, 10.45

Award-winning biscuit company Biscuiteers unveiled ‘the Ministry of Biscuits’ last month, a new purpose-built factory in Colliers Wood.

The 20,000 sq ft facility houses 100 icers and bakers who build the unique, hand-iced biscuits inside the quirky ‘Willy Wonka style’ factory on Prince George’s road. 

The move brought five Biscuiteers production and office spaces operating around Camberwell and Kennington under one roof. 

Biscuiteers co-founder Harriet Hastings said: “It’s a massive step forward for the business, the new space will allow our teams to work more collaboratively and productively which in turn will give us more space to scale the business faster.”

The factory has been remodelled throughout to support the growth of the Biscuiteers business and to incorporate the unique style of the company’s designs.

“We’ve used aspects of our designs and illustrations throughout the building, for instance the room we are sitting in is called spring,” said Mrs Hastings. 

The 8,000 sq ft second floor features colourful rooms named after the seasons. The wallpaper brings to life the designs of the biscuit collections found in the company’s confectionery book Biscuiteers Book of Iced Gifts.

ICE TO MEET YOU: The factory has created at least 50 new jobs in the company

The factory’s opening and move to Colliers Wood has created at least 50 new jobs for the company’s busy September to December season, along with permanent head office and production roles. 

Newly-minted icer Jonathan Jubert said: “I did some research on the company, looked at their branding and their ethos, it sounded like a fun place to work and it’s turned out that way.”

Biscuiteers are still on the look-out for new employers to fill up roles in packing and dispatch, retail and icing. Enquiries should be sent to [email protected]

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