Lib Dem candidate praises hero who returned her lost bag

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Chelsea and Fulham, Louise Rowntree, experienced a heart-warming sign of humanity on Monday night.

Mrs Rowntree left a bag containing her house keys, wallet and nomination papers on the London Underground only to find one exceptional person had returned it to her address.

Egyptian doctor Ahmed Salah Mazeed, 31, noticed the forgotten bag on the train after working his shift at Great Ormond Street Hospital and went out of his way to deliver it due to finding ‘important’ documents inside.

The panic had set in when Mrs Rowntree, who was on her way to campaign in Chelsea, despairingly called her husband to tell him the news but was completely astounded to be told Dr Mazeed was at her house.

She said: “I called my husband and told him to lock the door from the inside because there was someone out there with our address and front door keys.

“But when he replied saying there was a man at our door with my bag, I just didn’t believe him because it sounded too ridiculous.”

After speaking to the doctor over the phone, Mrs Rowntree learnt that he had changed tubes, gone back in the opposite direction and then walked 15 minutes to her address.

“It just never happens,” she added.

“A good Samaritan might get off the tube, give the bag to someone who works at the station or even make the trip to the local police station but who actually goes all the way to your house?

“Plus he’s a doctor at Great Ormond Street! I would imagine he’s quite busy so that made it even more amazing.”

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Dr Mazeed, from Sohag, Egypt, arrived in London six months ago to complete a two-year doctoral degree in a specific type of facial plastic surgery.

After noticing the missing bag, the doctor made it his mission to cut out the middleman and return the prized possession himself to save Mrs Rowntree so much time and grief.

Dr Mazeed said: “When I checked inside the bag, there were important papers, her keys and a wallet with a debit card so I wanted to return it myself.

“My initial concern was the debit card because it was contactless so anyone could use it and throw it away. That’s what made me think to directly give it to the person and not deliver it to a third party.”

A close friend to Dr Mazeed from Sohag, Hossam Saro, affirmed that his actions weren’t out of character: “Ahmed is a genuine friend who always exists to help.

“He participated in many free operation campaigns for the poor in Egypt, which make us proud of being his friends.”

Mrs Rowntree, who is yet to meet her saviour, posted on Facebook to share the touching story and was so thankful that this display of good citizenship happened during the heat of her snap election campaign.

“It was the worst time for me to lose my bag and the best time for a miracle like Ahmed,” added The Lib Dem candidate.

“One of the key messages in my party, and something I believe really strongly in, is that Britain is better when it’s open, united and tolerant and this is just another example of why that’s important.

“People like Dr Mazeed are great and it isn’t just about the politics because it’s a real human story.”

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