Class War anarchist standing for election in South Croydon


Jon Bigger says it is an opportunity to highlight politicians’ hypocrisy.


By Lauren Belcher

A Class War anarchist is running in Conservative strong-hold South Croydon for next year’s general election.

Jon Bigger, 38, has lived in Croydon for 14 years, and is one of several Class War candidates around the country.

Anarchists are known for being anti-establishment and usually don’t even vote.

Mr Bigger said: “It’s certainly counter intuitive to have an anarchist in an election, but it’s fun as politics needs shaking up.

“I don’t think working class views are getting out enough – this is so they have a voice.”

Mr Bigger worked in the Home Office as a trade union representative, and is now studying his second masters in International labour and trade unions.

He has already had a run-in with South Croydon’s current Conservative MP, Richard Ottaway.

Mr Ottaway asked the police to be present when Mr Bigger and 11 others, including an 81-year-old woman, delivered a petition.

In his column in the Croydon Advertiser Mr Ottaway attempted to explain his actions,  and described Mr Bigger as a ‘self-proclaimed anarchist’.

He said: “He is running as parliamentary candidate for a party whose leader advocates ‘rabble rousing’ and ‘street brawling’.”

Mr Bigger said: “I am confrontational, but not aggressive in any way.”

He added: “I see Richard Ottoway as a gift that keeps on giving –  he keeps on digging a hole and I thank him, for all the free publicity.”

Mr Ottoway has been the constituency’s MP since 1992 and received 50% of votes in the last election.

Mr Bigger admitted he didn’t expect many votes, but that standing for election was an opportunity to campaign and highlight politicians hypocrisy.

He said: “A lot of people in Croydon South waste their votes as it’s so Conservative.

“They may as well waste their vote on some one calling for equality.”

Class War was a well known anarchist magazine from the eighties.

They have never had anyone stand for election before but this is a new initiative for people around the country to get involved.

So far they have candidates for eight London constiuencies.

Mr Bigger said: “I saw Class War were intending to field candidates, so I thought I would get involved.

“It is all in the early stages and it’s hard to give reasons why it’s happening.”

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