Duchess of Cornwall pays royal visit to Battersea dogs and cats centre

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall visited Battersea dogs and cats home’s Old Windsor centre on Wednesday to open new kennels.

The Royal Patron was joined by her rescue Jack Russell Terrier Beth, who helped with the official opening of The Duchess of Cornwall kennels focused on maternity care.

Both were welcomed with a Battersea Guard of Honour by volunteers, who temporarily fostered unwanted pets during lockdown.

Chief executive Claire Horton said: “We are always thrilled to welcome our wonderful Royal Patron The Duchess of Cornwall to our centres.

“Our brand-new kennel facilities will offer some of our most vulnerable dogs the space, comfort, and level of care they desperately need.

“Sometimes being a loving pet owner means making tough decisions, but at Battersea we are always here to help.”

PUG HUG: The Duchess met Ernie, a nine-week-old pug whose mum rejected his litter. Ernie and his siblings have since found loving homes

The charity celebrated its 160th anniversary this year and Horton said it was anticipating a greater demand from pet owners who brought dogs and puppies during lockdown.

This is the Duchess’ second visit to the centre since she became the Royal Patron in February 2017.

The Duchess of Cornwall kennels are focussed on providing mothers and puppies with the necessary facilities to reduce stress and infection.

BETH’S BIG REVEAL: The Duchess’ rescue dog Beth used her teeth to pull a rope and unveil a plaque commemorating the opening of the new kennels

The new facilities will take mothers and puppies from across all three of Battersea’s centres and it is anticipated 50 mothers and their litters will be cared for in the kennels each year.

Plans for the facilities have been in place since 2017.

They include a dedicated maternity area and puppy paddock, outdoor paddocks and chill-out rooms.

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