Mystic mogg: Psychic cat predicts General Election outcome

By Kyle Farrell
December 10 2019, 18.00

A mystic mogg has revealed how he thinks the General Election will go down.

‘Clairvoyant’ Phoenix, a 13-year-old Bengal cross, began his psychic career by successfully predicting England victories in the 2018 World Cup and predicting that Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham would be crowned the winners of Love Island.

Phoenix predicted these results by choosing food bowls labelled with the available choices.

This time the cat had the option of choosing between the Conservatives, Labour, or Lib Dems to see who would win a majority.

Phoenix predicted a hung parliament by eating from each of the politically coloured food bowls within two minutes. 

Owner Catherine Jarvis said: “I adopted Phoenix and his brother Cosmo from Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre 12 years ago and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“Phoenix is definitely the cheeky one and likes to voice his displeasure if his dinner is delayed.

“But he’s also really affectionate and enjoys nothing more than having a nice lap to curl up on when he’s not busy making predictions.”

The Electoral Calculus – a prediction group that collates opinion poll data – suggests that there is a 64 per cent likelihood of a Conservative majority with only a 12 per cent chance of a hung parliament.

Polling political scientist Sir John Curtice, 65, similarly suggested on radio station LBC there exists a 70% chance the Conservatives will win a majority if their 10-point lead in the opinion polls is to be believed.

However, the University Of Strathclyde Professor explained that if the lead turns out to be no more than 6% then there is a 50% of a hung parliament.

Other supposedly UK psychic animals include Mystic Marcus the Pig who – despite successfully predicting England’s World Cup victories – faced the wrath of angry fans when he incorrectly predicted an England win versus Croatia in the semi-finals. 

Cats Protection recommends that festive foods with onion or garlic, mistletoe, and holly, are kept out of your cat’s reach as they are poisonous.

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