‘Enough is enough’ RSPCA speak out on fireworks trauma

In the run up to Christmas and New Year the RSPCA is putting pressure on the Government to consider tighter restrictions on fireworks.

This comes after several reports of attacks to animals and the unnecessary stress the pyrotechnics cause to pets.

The RSPCA have received 82 calls surrounding animals and fireworks during firework season, with a number detailing shocking deliberate attacks on animals.

CAMPAIGN: The RSPCA are keen for everyone to be conscious of pets during festivities

Animal Welfare expert Dr Mark Kennedy said; “Fireworks are extremely stressful and frightening for many animals. Around 62% of dogs, 55% of horses and 54% of cats in the UK show signs of anxiety when they hear fireworks.

“All too often we hear heartbreaking stories of animals who seriously injure themselves in a blind panic after being spooked by fireworks.

“Perhaps even more shockingly, we seem to be seeing more incidents reported to our inspectors of animals being deliberately targeted and injured using fireworks.

“Enough is enough; we need tighter controls over the sale and use of these potentially lethal explosives.”

Its not just attacks on animals that have claimed lives, the result of pets being spooked has also resulted in stress-related deaths.

As we move towards Diwali and then Christmas and New Year, the animal welfare charity is expecting the number of incidents to rise.

Dozens of dog owners have reported that their beloved pets were left uncontrollably shaking and trembling in fear after slews of fireworks.

There have also been four separate incidents where cats and kittens were directly strapped to lit fireworks.

TRAUMATIC: The RSPCA released this video showing people being irresponsible with fireworks Credit: RSPCA

To support the #BangOutOfOrder campaign, you can visit the RSPCA website and send a letter to your local council to put forward changes.

Tips for helping animals cope with fireworks are available here.

Seasonable advice for animals in the autumn here.

If you’re planning your own fireworks display, please keep animals in mind with our advice here

Incidents involving animals and fireworks can be reported to the RSPCA’s emergency hotline on 0300 1234 999.

Equine incidents can be reported to the British Horse Society online.

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