Not all Christmas cheer as festive filming takes place on Twickenham’s Church Street

By Abigail Cutler
October 11 2019, 16.45

Christmas came early to Twickenham this week when filming took place on Church Street for a festive TK Maxx advert.

Shops and restaurants were were adorned with Christmas lights, garlands and wreaths, Christmas trees on Wednesday and Thursday. Fake snow was even scattered across the road.

However, not all was lovely and cheerful for the Church Street businesses involved.

Owner of florist The Bloomery Sophie King said: “We love shooting down here and the shop was made into a set, it looked lovely, the snow was lovely.

“I enjoyed that but I didn’t enjoy the people who thought I was stupid enough to sell [Christmas] trees in October. The levels of aggression were unbelievable.”

She added: “The experience was a mixed one.”

Today the street was a slightly sadder sight, with fake snow being washed away by hoses and props like a roasted chestnut stall being loaded back into vans.

It seems as though fans of the festive season will have to wait just a month or two longer.

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