Wallington family in daily struggle to avoid being tormented by local ‘gang’


Other residents have complained about the mob.


By Sean Connor

A terrorised family have spoken out this week about the intolerable behaviour of a gang of youths imposing on their road in Wallington.

James, Emma and daughter Lucy Samele, of Brown Close, live under constant threat and have difficulty leaving their home, in fear of being confronted by the 30-strong gang.

In a most recent incident last week, the whole family were assaulted with belts outside their own home, as the youths then proceeded to attack their property with a tree trunk.

“It’s been a living hell for the past seven years,” said Mr Samele to the Guardian.

“We don’t know what to do, we just want it to stop. The last time they came over to the house and started to smash the property up.”

The gang’s abuse has been on-going for seven years, including singling out Mr Samele’s daughters with distasteful acts of bullying.

One of the members involved is believed to be as young as eight years old, with the majority being around the ages of 13 to 16.

The abuse has been so personal that Mr Samele’s daughter spent nearly a week in hospital after witnessing an assault on her boyfriend, resulting in her suffering from panic attacks.

“The mob are lawless,” he continued. The concerned father made clear he wanted to see the perpetrators arrested.

Pauline Archer, 67, a resident on the neighbouring road, backed up the claims.

“Some nights they are still outside at 10:00pm, usually Friday and Saturdays, being loud. I noticed a police car arrive the other day.

“Not too long ago they smashed the bus stop on the main road. I just wonder if the parents know what they are up to.”

A spokesman from the Koleey fast food restaurant just around the corner stated: “I believe some of them come from other places, customers sometimes come in complaining that the kids are kicking footballs against their cars.”

The gang are regular visitors to the chicken shop, often causing a disturbance and making other residents in the area hesitant to queue in there.

After years of complaints, usually revolving around the same group of teenagers and kids, police are finally investigating the last attack.

A police spokesman said: “Such behaviour will not be tolerated and police are working robustly to gather evidence and identify the offenders who will be prosecuted.”

Anyone with information can contact Sutton Police Station quoting ref no: 4009508/13 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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