Genius Surbiton schoolgirl delighted with perfect score in Mensa test


Neha Ramu’s score put her in the top 1% of the UK’s brightest people.

By SWLondoner staff

A Surbiton schoolgirl has joined Mensa after a perfect score in the high IQ’s society’s test.

Neha Ramu, 13, scored 162, putting her in the top 1% of the UK’s brightest people – a score above 140 is considered to be that of a genius.

The teenager, who also enjoys chess and reading, hopes to study neurology at Harvard University.

“When I found out I got such a high score it was so amazing and unexpected,” she told the BBC.

“Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, they’ve achieved so much,” she said. “It’s not right to compare me to them just because of my IQ.

“If I don’t put in my effort and make use of my IQ then there’s no point in having it.”

The teenager moved to the UK from Bangalore when she was seven.

Her parents, both eye doctors, were aware their daughter was intelligent but had no idea just how clever she was until she scored maximum marks in her school’s entrance exams.

“She does all this without much effort,” said her mother Jayashree.

“She makes sure she has enough time for TV, swimming, fun times with her friends.”

According to Mensa, the average adult IQ score is 100.

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