Croydon’s Shaniqua Benjamin writes exclusive inspirational verses reminding us of compassion

By Vinny Munbodh
April 6 2020

Shaniqua Benjamin has written a poem entitled One in Six to encapsulate the mood of the nation and offer hope in this difficult time.

Miss Benjamin, from Colliers Water Lane, has written for a wide range of publications including the Croydon Guardian and Huffington Post and is the founder of Young People Insight.

YPI is a platform aimed at empowering the voice of young people in London, encouraging them to engage in their community through writing, creativity and conversation.

In One in Six Miss Benjamin uses imagery to offer a hopeful outlook in Britain.

The 27-year-old said ‘she wanted to express herself and get her feelings out’ when she wrote her first blog ‘Inside My Head’, in 2012.

Miss Benjamin was also shortlisted for the Mirror’s ‘Voice of a Generation’ apprenticeship in 2014.

In October 2017 she was named as Young Achiever of the Year at the Mayor of Croydon Civic Awards.

More on Young People Insight and Miss Benjamin can be found here and her blog can be found here.

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