Feeling fearless? Adrenaline junkies to abseil down tallest St George’s Hospital building

Daredevils rejoice as you can now abseil down the 180ft Pelican Hotel building at St George’s Hospital for charity this May. 

At 14 stories high it is the tallest building in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, and will play host to the thrill-seeker’s event on May 7 and 8.

St George’s Hospital Charity is currently on track to hit it’s target of £20,000 that will be used to buy new equipment for St George’s and Roehampton’s Queen Mary’s Hospital under their New Kit appeal.

Noel Cramer, head of fundraising at St George’s Hospital Charity said: “These are additional pieces of kit that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

“This will help people have access to more equipment than normally is here.”

Around 70 adrenaline junkies have already signed up to take part in the weekend that will be coordinated by a professional abseiling company.

Mr Cramer added: “We wanted to make an exciting event.”

More information is available on the St George’s Hospital Charity website.

Image courtesy of St George’s Hospital Charity, with thanks

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