Merton matters: Campaign group’s anti-littering crusade gets backing of council


The group will host the Big Merton Spring Clean on April 5.


By Jack Miller

Littering in Merton could be a thing of the past as the council has pledged to clamp down on the issue by supporting local campaign group Merton Matters.

On the weekend of April 5, the group will be holding the ‘Big Merton Spring Clean’, and hope the event will raise the profile of Merton Matters and their anti-littering crusade.

The council currently spends £5million each year trying to clean Merton’s streets, clearing over 4,600 tonnes of litter and fly tipping. 

Merton Matters’ chief Dan Goode was delighted the council have got on board.

“We’re glad the council wants to work with us on this,” he said. “We’ll be publishing more information over the coming weeks to let people know where the litter picks will be and how people can get involved.”

Councillor Judy Saunders, Merton cabinet member for environmental cleanliness, added: “It’s great that residents want to get involved in keeping the streets clean and we’re pleased to be working in partnership with Merton Matters.”

“We’re doing a lot of work with schools on the effects of littering,” she added. “Plus, we’re clamping down on people who drop litter in our borough. It’s antisocial and spoils the environment for everyone else.”

The council has also tried to capture the public’s imagination through the free smartphone app, ‘Love Clean Streets’. Merton residents can now report fly tipping, litter and other street problems to the Council via their mobile.

In addition, Merton Council is now recruiting residents who want to become Merton Street Champions.

Saunders said, “These people will be the eyes and ears of the borough – so together we can all make a difference.”

To become a Merton Street Champion, residents can call 020 8274 4902. There is more information on the council’s website at:

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