‘You’ll do’: Hack into someone’s affections this Valentine’s Day with quirky coded e-cards

If you’re looking to digitally declare your undying devotion for someone this Valentine’s Day the clever cats at coding company Erase All Kittens (E.A.K.) have produced a series of hackable e-cards.

The London-based coding gurus have created a series of card templates sporting E.A.K. characters and outrageous phrases for people to send to loved ones or, perhaps, people they can merely tolerate.

EAK Valentine's Day Card I don't hate you

The idea follows on from the E.A.K game designed to introduce young people to coding by getting them to use HTML, CSS and Javascript to travel through the game.

By changing the coding of these online cards, people can personalise them however they want, which could lead to some strange Valentine’s messages.

EAK Valentine's Day Card insanity

Speaking about the development of the game, CEO Dee Saigal said: “Coding is generally seen as difficult, boring and geeky with a lot of it aimed at boys.

“It’s really bad to think that just boys are interested – we want to get more girls to start coding as well.”

The E.A.K game allows its users to hack into its coding and build their own levels, with the option to even create their own websites and apps after completing it.

EAK Valentine's Day Card i like you

It now has 10,000 players in 94 countries while a huge update with more levels is set for release in April this year.

Dee explained how these different ways of using coding will help children gain essential skills for the future.

“Technology is transforming all aspects of our lives, but as it does so it’s starting to make a lot of jobs redundant,” she said.

“The jobs that are safe require creative, technical, and critical thinking skills – code involves all of these.

“It’s essential for children to learn, no matter what discipline they choose to pursue.”

You can send your own heartfelt creations from the website

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